ARK like you never seen before


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How much of Ark have you actually seen?
Have you ever captured and fed a wyvern? And a gigantosaurus?
Have you ever completed a dungeon?
How many times did you wish to play in an alpha tribe with other people and see a real tribe war?
If you've never done this, you don’t know what you missed, but if you did this, you know how much time and farming is required to get high levels.
Today I would like to create some fun and boosted alternatives for those who have never seen or want to live more these moments without the need to farm for months.
You will be catapulted into different adventures that offers several challenges cutting out everything that in ark usually becomes boring and repetitive after some time.

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Tired of killing huge dinosaurs and drop only vertebrae, claws, lungs and hearts?
We have completely rewritten the dinosaur drop. All manual, no MODs
Your desire to kill is rewarded, here the "Most wanted list" :

Each dinosaur can drop from 1 to 10 items in a stack of 1 to 100 pieces (except for weapons, armor and furnitures that drop 1 piece)

RESOURCE: Polymer, Electronics, Crystal, BlackPearl, ChitinPaste, Chitin, GunPowder, Oil, Organic Polymer, Pelt, Rare Mushroom, Rare Flower, Sap, Silica Pearls, Obsidian, Metal Ingot, Keratine, Hide, Fibers, AnglerGel, AmmoniteBlood
DROPPED BY: Araneo, Onyc, Electro, Kapro, Raptor, Terrorbird, Angler, Bary, DireWolf, Saber, Scorpion, Thyla, Thorny + WHITE BEACON

METAL STRUCTURES: LargeSign, Catwalk, Ceiling, Gate, Gate Frame, Door, DoorWall, Foundation, Floor, Pillar, Ramp, Sign, SpikeWall, WindowsWall, Windows, Wall.
DROPPED BY: Bronto, Diplodocus + BLUE BEACON

USEFUL STUFFS (various): SCUBA (Complete) AirConditioner, BearTrap, BloodPack, Canteen, Citronal, Rockarrot, Savroot, Longrass, PowerCable (all pieces), StaminaSoup, Fertilizer, Fishing Rod, FlareGun, FlashLight, Focal Chili, GPS, MinersHelmet, HoloScope, Industrial Grinder, AlarmTrap, PoisonTrap, GasGrenade, Lance, Large Bear Trap, Large Crop, Large Storage Box, Lazarus Soup, Mindwipe Tonic, Night Vision Goggles, Parachute, PoisonGrenade, Cannon, Radio
DROPPED BY: Boa, Volture

KIBBLES: All kinds of kibbles

USEFUL STUFFS (Cooking): Narcotic, BloodExtractor, BugRepellant, CookedMeat Jerky, CookedMeat, Cooked Prime Fish, Narcoberry, Pumpkin, Soap, Sweet Veggie Cake, Enduro Stew, Cooked Prime Meat, Fertilizer, Citronal, Rockarrot, Savroot, Longrass.
DROPPED BY: Argentavis, Carno

ARMORS: Hide, Chitin, Flak, Fur, Scuba, Ghillie, Desert, Riot

WEAPONS: Rifle, Pike, Crossbow, Shotgun, Sword, CompundBow, Bola, SniperRifle, Grenade, Fabricated Pistol, Pistol, Tranq.Dart, Shock Tranq.Dart , Tranq. Arrow, Stone Arrow, Metal Arrow + ALL RELATIVE AMMUNITION (1 - 30 Pcs.)
DROPPED BY: Yutyrannus, Megalodon, Allosaurus, Rex + RED BEACON

Weapons and armors can be found of levels: Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman

Mastercraft and Ascendant can be found only by raid the admins, in admin's auctions and events :)

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  • Boosted Dino Drop (Weapons, Armor, Metal Structures, Projects)
  • Max Tribe Members 5
  • Taming 10X
  • XP 50X
  • Max Wild Dino Level 300
  • Harvesting 10X
  • Egg-Baby Speed 10X


The gaming server is already online and without password until the 8 of January, feel free to come and snoop while the administrator performs the last tests!
The server address may change the Launch day.

Watch this video if you do not know how to add a private server to steam.

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From Monday to Friday evening the server will be PVE (With Tribe war enabled), you will have time to:

  • Repair damaged structures after the weekend war
  • Declare war to another tribe
  • Tame new dinosaurs
  • Expand the base
  • Do Dungeon for TEK
  • Explore the map to track other players
  • Farm Golds
  • Take part in events created by the Admin on the events server

From Friday evening (21:00) to Sunday (21:00) the PVP will be enabled, the war begins.

  • 48 Hours of war, no rules, no mercy
  • Engage epic battles where ammunition and c4 will never be enough!
  • Unleash your strongest dinosaurs against enemies to steal their golds.
  • Try to raid the admin bases :)

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We have a mod installed, Auction House v2.3a that insert golds and some craftable tables to access the auctions. Through the auctions you will be able to sell or buy EVERYTHING (yes, also dinosaur) with the other players
missing image You can sell dinosaur for golds or resources
You can exchange resources with other resources
Read more about the mod Here
in addition, the admin will continuously insert new auctions with:

  • Dinosaurs of levels and colors you could not find wild
  • Resources of any kind
  • High level weapons and armor
  • Golds

You will have the chance to find more Golds in:

  • Inside bases built by the admin and very well defended scattered around the map
  • Inside aggressive dinos tamed by admin scattered around the map
  • Stealing them from the opposing tribes

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The admins will be active and will play as a normal tribe.

We will have dozens of bases across the territory that you can try to raid and a wide range of constructions such as labyrinths, traps and arenas full of pitfalls, dinosaurs and defenses
Across the map there will be also dinosaurs of all types domesticated by the admins in aggressive mode, they will contain a rich loot based on the level/strength of the dinosaur.

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You can find particular zones where PVP are not allowed also during the weekend war
like the spawn point (accoglience center) and around the 3 obelisks.

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Each event have different duration, from hours to days, during events you can win prizes like dinosaurs ,weapons, armors or golds.

We sincerely hope that this project can one day give real prizes in these competitions such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, gamepads and much more!!

Here are some examples of events:

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Each tribe receives a special dinosaur tamed and owned by admin.
Tribes must protect their special dino and try to kill the dinosaurs of other tribes.
You will not be able to move the dinosaur because you are not the owner, you can only protect it!
Since they are owned by the admin they will be able to see the name of the killer in the log who will receive a prize for the kill!


Admin install Star Wars mod for a determinate period, enjoy ARK with a bit of extra Sci-Fi in Star Wars Style

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As already mentioned in the admin section we will leave across the map dinosaurs of all types and level.
Some of these may have a name like 500 GOLDS , 1500 METAL INGOT, 1000 POLYMER etc etc.
When you kill one of these dinosaurs, you receive the prize corresponding to the name.


You and your tribe will be locked up in a very big arena or labyrint full of wild dinos.
At your disposal a room inside the structure with a bed for fast respawn and some vaults full of armor, weapons and ammunition of high-level .
5 artifacts will be hidden in the structure, you have to find them.
If you can find all the artifacts you will receive a prize and you can keep all the weapons, armors and ammunition left

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